Saturday, 16 March 2013

#34 Photo Bomb!!

As it's rather late, i'll wait to write the rest of this post till later, but for now all you guys need to know is, I went to COMIC CON!!!!!! Here's Proof in a Photo Bomb.

The Stig (Stoic as usual)
Master of the Force Darth Vader
Chewwy Stole Mash's hat!!!
Kevin!!!, or Dave!!!, or Stewart!!! (one of them)
Surveying the Rebublic's Storm Troopers
And I got caught :(
Warwick, from CSI: CSI (Got a picture of him for mum)
Batman saying "he's the man"
Batman and Predator
Batman and Bane Fight over ME!! (not really just posing for the camera)
But Bane won me in the end XD
There was an entire section dedicated to Yu-Gi-Oh
Captain Jack Sparrow, with Xena Warrior Princess
Mash and Po
May the Force be with You Mash
R2-D2 (controlled by a Playstation Controller)
You can Just about see Warwick Davis in the middle there
One of our many Purchases, Darth Maul Double LightSaber
Mash with Lego Leia and Luke Skywalker
Mash displaying her recently acquired Pokemon Badges
Me, Electra, Rogue, Wolverine, and a giant Sentinel head
(not the only giant thing in the photo is you'll notice)
Mash and Darth Maul high fiving
There was a Parade of all the comic con workers in "uniform"

The Spider-Man really getting into his role

Possibly the most amazing Picture ever

Now My Current Cover Picture
And the best part of the day when me and Mash met Andrew-Lee Potts 

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  1. Enjoyed looking through them all again. Great photos.