Tuesday, 12 March 2013

#33 Whoops!!! (Ah so that's what it is)

Oops, yeah so last Thursday I was very excited, and busy so here I am back from the dead to provide the answers to last week's What?! and tell you what my last Thursday entailed.

So, in January I had taken 3 A level exams, and 2 AS resit, and on Thursday I got my results. It came with Good and Bad news.Good news first, I have now finally passed my AS level History exams (which I have spent my 2 and a half years of my life trying to accomplish), with a C in the Nazi Germany side of the course, and 1 Mark of an A in the Pre-WWII America. Along with these 2 amazing results I also got a B in Maths, a Mechanics Module.

Alas not all my news could be good, I unfortunately didn't achieve the grades I wanted in my other Maths module, and I shall not mention my Geographical Skills Paper other than to say, see you again in the Summer XD.

So now back to the post I should have made on Thursday.

Liberty - Rogue is correct, and while it is Iron Man. It isn't an Alternate Universe Evil version, it is the latest Marvel universe Reboot version of Iron Man, in the November 2012 Marvel NOW!

Carole - Yes it is rogue, but Unfortunately it is not Banana Man. Better look next time.

A Drawing of Rouge by Jim Lee in the X-Men Annual 1992

The cover of Iron Man #1 Vol 5 drawn by Greg Land

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