Tuesday, 26 February 2013

#29 AllNighter

Hello everyone, I've realized that since I've started doing this blog I haven't put much up about my personal life, so here goes.

This weekend, Mash and I went to an AllNighter film event at her Student Union. This wasn't the first time we had gone to this event, we went last term as well, but I've got to say, this time it was much better. What I'll do now is give a quick synopsis of all the films we saw and then do a proper review on how they all seemed to me, at the end.

So the first film was Skyfall (2012). This is the 23rd film in the James Bond series, the third with actor Daniel Craig taking up the role. This film, directed by Sam Mendes, starts with a thrilling chase of a suspect through the streets of Istanbul, which finishes with the bad guy getting away with a list of NATO Agents that work undercover in terrorist organisations. Three months pass and the bad guy is tracked to Shanghai  where he leads Bond, in a rather round about way, to his boss, Mr Silva. Silva is captured by Bond and taken to MI6 HQ where he proceeds to escape, leaving Bond to flee to the north to protect his boss, M (Dame Judi Dench). Silva follows Bond into the trap set up for him and eventually dies. Stand out moment: the look of mild annoyance on Silva's face when Bond kills him.

The second film we saw was American Beauty (1999). This drama set in American Suburbia (also directed by Sam Mendes) is a tale of a man (Kevin Spacy) who decides he's not going to take his wife's nagging at him, or his daughter hating him, or his boss talking down to him any longer. and this film is a look at the events leading up to this decision and the reactions from it. Stand out moment: When I realized that Senna Crane (the guy with a cool beard in the Hunger Games) was in the film.

The third film we watched was 7 psychopaths (2012). This Film, directed by Martin McDonagh, is set around an alcoholic writer,Marty, who has promised his company a screenplay, but as of the start of the film he only has the title "Seven Psychopaths". The film follows Marty (Colin Farrell), and his best friend Billy (Sam Rockwell) as they set out to find inspiration for the screen play and encounter some interesting characters along the way. Stand out moment: Christopher Walken refusing to put his hands up because he "doesn't want to" and waiting around for half an hour because the film was corrupted and they had to do some makeshift cutting in the projection booth.

Next we were going to see a Mystery film, a film that nobody in the cinema had any idea of what it was. The film was a 1985 cult classic Brazil. This film is about a bureaucrat, Sam Lowry (played by Johnathan Pryce) who tries to fix a administrative error, in a retro-future world, whilst chasing down the love of his life. Stand out moment: the end.

The 5th and final film we saw was ParaNorman. This film is about Norman (Voiced by Kodi Schmidt-McPhee), a young boy with a rather particular talent, he can talk to ghosts, because of this he is ostracized
at school and bullied a lot. The Film is about Norman coming into his inheritance as a Ghost see-er, and how he saves his town from a centuries old curse. Stand out moment: when I realized Bernard Hill was voicing a zombie.

Most of the films that night were really good, Skyfall has been the best Film of the Daniel Craig run as James Bond. and adding Sam Mendes as Director, and Adele as vocalist for the opening theme it is going to be hard to beat by the next one in the series, I've would give it a rating of 4.5/5 . American Beauty turned out to be a pretty good film aside from some very cringey bits here and there, it was a very good look as suburban life and how crazy normal people can be, and vice versa, I would give this film a rating of 4/5 . Seven Psychopaths I would love to watch again, as it was 1:15 am when it started I think I lost a lot of the humour and quirkiness of the film due to my tiredness, this film receives a rating of 3.5 out of 5. Brazil is not a film I would rush to watch again, but I do appreciate how revolutionary it would have been in 1985. I give this film a 3 out of 5. ParaNorman was an interesting film, it was clearly a kids film, but thinking back on it didn't feel like one, maybe that's because I still am very childish, but because of this I thought it was a very good film and would love to introduce it to Mash's little sister and brother. I give this film a 4/5. So thanks for reading guys, TTFN, LL'n'p


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