Monday, 11 February 2013

#22 House of M

It is here finally. I said a couple of weeks ago I would be posting this soon, so here it is, House of M.

House of M starts at the new Avengers HQ, the old one being destroyed by the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) after a series of events led her to her going crazy and killing half of the old Avengers, (which made her go even crazier, who'd have thought). At the HQ, Charles Xavier tells the gathered X-Men and Avengers that he, along with Magneto (Wanda's Father), are unable to repair the damage done to her mind and something needs to be done about her, as her ability to manipulate reality becomes more out of control. They decide to visit her first, to assess how much of a she really is. When they got to the area where Wanda was being held (Genosha), however they find that Wanda and Magneto are missing as a bright light envelops them all. Then the last page is a sneak peak at what is to come: a picture of Peter Parker on his wedding day kissing a blonde. Dun dun duh (ominous music in the back ground).

Spoiler alert

In the next comic, we wake with Logan (Wolverine) in bed with Mystique. Instantaneously realizing something is wrong, he throws himself off a Heli-carrier above New York, you know, like you do. The story goes on with Logan trying to discover what has happened to his world, where he can feel something wrong. He goes to the X-Mansion to find it owned by a family and through his travels, he figures out that Mutants are now no longer the Minority, but have flourished under the World Reign of Magnus Lensherr (Magneto), who now enforces a severe regime against Homo-Sapiens. Logan realises that this world is in the wrong and goes about changing it with the help of Layla, a Mutant who can make people remember who they were before Wanda's interference. After restoring all the X-men and Avengers they could, the mismatched team head for Genosha (Magneto's base of operations) to fix the problem and confront Magneto. During the confrontation it is revealed that it was Pietro (Wanda's Brother, Magneto's son) who convinced Wanda to change the world, not Magneto, as the team had thought. The series ends with Wanda uttering the Words "No more Mutants" after Magneto kills Pietro for what the boy has done in his name. With Wanda's last words in that reality, she eradicates 90% of the Mutant population, leaving hundreds of Mutants left on the planet where there were once millions.

Spoiler End

Review time. This comic is a major game changer in the Marvel Universe. Eradicating 90% of the Mutant race, basically cut out a load of material for writers to use. However, now when writers create good stories it's not just because they invent a new mutant with an amazing power, it's because the characters that are used, are used so well. The parts of the story that really appeal to me are when Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Wolverine realize that they are in the wrong reality. Both of these characters are people who have suffered and, through no fault of their own, have had the worst luck ever. But when it's revealed to both of them, it just shows how vulnerable they are. Wolverine might put on a rough exterior and Spider-Man might continually make jokes, but inside they are both still human. There is a touching scene between them both when Peter has just got his memories back. He is on a rooftop overlooking a park where Gwen Stacey is playing with Peter's son, and Peter is swearing to Logan that he will kill Magneto. Now this comes as a massive shock to all the Spidey fans in the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man is seen as the Ultimate good guy. To openly admit that he wants to kill somebody is some major character development. This series defiantly leaves its mark on Spider-Man, but whether it's a good change or bad is up to you. Personally I think this is a good development because now Spider-Man has a limit that he can be pushed to. I’m just waiting for him to be pushed to that limit.

Again any questions just ask, so TTFN, LL'n'P


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