Thursday, 7 February 2013

#21 Ah so that's what it is (5)

Carole, yes it is Iron Man, and no it isn't Frankenstein, it is the Hulk.

I found this picture on Comicvine, where they do a weekly update of stuff several artists have posted on their websites/twitter/tumblr. This cute little piece was done by Agnes Garbowska, who has also worked one Spider-Ham, and Girl Comics #1, and several other comics through independant Publishers. I must admit that I Awwwed at this with Mashwhen I saw it on saturday thinking it was super cute and I knew I would post it on here as soon as I saw it.

So there you have it Baby Avengers... Awww.


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  1. I was actually honestly going to say it was baby Avengers. But never got round to commenting. Damn.