Friday, 11 January 2013

#8 Trial Of Captain America

The Trial Of Captain America picks up just after Baron Zemo Jr. has released to the media the fact the current Captain America (Bucky Barnes) was former Soviet Russia Spy and Killing machine, The Winter Soldier.

Of course the American Media wasn't going to take this lightly, so they demanded a trial for Bucky. After an Entire Comic worth of deliberation, Bucky, the recently resurrected Steve Rodgers, and the fellow Avengers decide that a trial would be in Bucky's best interest, in order to maintain a good public image. So Bucky hands himself over to the authorities for trial, while Sin (Red Skull's Daughter) does her best to disrupt the trial by sending in a tape of her rambling about how Bucky was a willing accomplice to all that he was ordered to do.

*Spoiler Alert*

After the majority of the trial has passed, Sin sends a tape to Bucky, stating that if he didn't escape from prison and come to rescue his friends Falcon and Black Widow, she would blow up the Statue of Liberty with Falcon and Black Widow inside. Bucky couldn't let that happen, so off he goes to the Statue of Liberty, where, after a small battle, Sin escapes, giving Lady Liberty a black eye and making Bucky and Steve wondering what is to come. Going back to the court room the Judge is disappointed with Bucky, but gives him 20 years Community service.

*End Spoiler*

Review time. Right this was the first review I've written where I actually don't like the story. At the moment I'm having trouble telling why this is, because the story should be really intriguing. I love the characters, but the story didn't stick in my head or stand out all that much. The Best part of the Storyline was discovering Sin’s role in the trial, and her escape/torment of Bucky. The Best part of the comic comes in the form of a dream sin is having about how she perceives herself in her father’s eyes, and the burning desire she has to be the son he always wanted. The Characters show a depth people think Captain America lacks, highlighted by the fact that Bucky questions if he should hand himself over, he quite clearly had a reasonable defence and it could be reasoned that the trial was unnecessary, as there has been many atrocities done by heroes while under mind control and there has been no legal action against them. I think this fact coupled with the VERY disappointing ending is the reason I don’t like this particular story. As such it gathers a rather low rating from me.

As before any questions just ask. Also you might have noticed that I've changed from doing specific comics to story lines within a comic. I think this will be better for both me to review and you the reader to understand, rather than review 3 different parts to 3 different stories as is the case in some comics.
Sorry for it being a few days late I couldn't get the motivation up to write this one, but here it is. So TTFN LL'n'P


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