Wednesday, 9 January 2013

#7 Ah So That's What It Is

I know I said I'd post it tomorrow, but I want you all to know.

It was Batman's utility belt, from the recently released Lego Batman 2. I was walking through town today and saw this, I thought of 1 person. My girlfriend Mash. She's just gone back to University, and had an exam  this afternoon. She agrees that this is a 'you finished your exam' present XD.

Heart warming moment over, Ha ha Mysterious Pepsi it was DC :P


  1. Best 'you finished your exam present' ever :) x

  2. So, like to play games do we? It seems I was wrong about the simcard, to redeem the Pepsi family honour I have a challenge for you too. This was actually my step sisters idea(The Fabulous Fanta).

    One of my super powers is the ability to take close up photos of objects, if you can tell me what this picture is of then you win a free internet cookie.
    (here is the picture)
    Hint - it's DC also.

  3. I'm going to admit that as soon as I saw this I was stumped, looking closely I thought of Lobo, crazy alien almost as bad ass as Wolverine, but it didn't look right so I am saying Lobo the Duck. A mix between DC's Lobo and Howard The Duck

  4. Nope - completely wrong!
    I'll admit, it's impossible to guess - its actually from the front cover of suicide squad issue 7, its Harley Quinn and Deadshot (with the jokers face on)
    I took it from one of the comics in my collection.
    here is the whole cover.
    It does look a bit like Lobo though, well done on that!

    The Mysterious Pepsi wins again!

    Mwuahahahah haha hah ha hahahahah ha

  5. I tip my hat to you Pepsi on a game well played, but don't think you've won permanently. I shall have another Zoomed in/altered picture in a couple of days stay tuned.