Wednesday, 9 January 2013

#6 WHAT?!?!?!

Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's...

Well actually they don't know what it is. That's up for you guys to figure out :P

Is it Dr Doom's latest death ray? The Jokers new dance Craze that he's infecting the city with?
Or Mysterious Pepsi's real face?
I'll put another post on here actually detailing who/what it is tomorrow. In the mean time, TTFN, LL'n'P, and have fun guessing



  1. It sort of looks like a circuit board made out of custard...

  2. I can confirm this is not my real face, although it does look somewhat similar to my step brother 'The Ridiculous Cola' - but we don't talk about him anymore, not after what happened....

    Anyway, it's quite obvious what I really is, it's a close up picture of a simcard. Also it's probably not anything DC related seeing as how there's no DC stuff - this fact makes The Mysterious Pepsi sad :(

  3. Everyone has somebody in their family that they don't talk about, don't worry we all understand. XD

    And it is not a sim card, and there will be some DC stuff don't worry i won't keep you waiting long, probably max a week. :)