Monday, 7 January 2013

#5 My friends can beat up your friends

My friends can beat up your friends is a story that appears in The Astonishing Spider-Man across numbers #79 and #80. This story first appeared in The Avenging Spider-Man Series, a series set up following Spider-Man's adventures with his fellow Avengers.

The story goes a bit like this, Spider-Man finishes a mission with the entire avengers, and is transported back to New York by the Red Hulk, only to find that Moloids kidnapping J. Jonah Jameson, New York City Mayor. Red Hulk and Spider-Man are subsequently Swallowed by a Giant Ground Worm and transported underground as well. When they come to they realize the Moloids kidnapped them because they had been defeated and needed rescuing from Ra'ktar, the New king of Subterranea.  After accidentally challenging this new king for his throne, JJJ nominates the Red Hulk as his champion. Red Hulk loses the battle, and it is left up to Spider-Man to stop the invasion of Manhattan. Spider-Man takes Red Hulks Place as Champion of the Upperworld. After a brutal fight with Ra'ktar, Spider-Man in a last ditch attempt to gain the upper hand, by swinging razor sharp rocks at him. Unfortunately Spider-Man misses him and only gets his trousers, thus removing Ra'ktar of them. Fortunately for Spider-Man this public shaming counts as a loss in Subterranea. 

Review Time. I really liked this comic (so did my sister, but that's because she is fascinated with the Red Hulk). I really liked how focused Spider-Man was on retrieving his fellow Avenger, not because it was the right thing to do, not because he particularly liked the hulk, but because "I can't walk into Avengers HQ without my teammate next to me. I can't even think about doing it". This really shows how much of a need to save people Spider-Man has. Most Superheroes have a need to save people, but I think Spider-Man's is greater because of how young he was when he started being a superhero (15), as most comic fans agree he is probably in his late 20's now, he has spent most of his life trying to save people. At this point I don't think there is anything else Spider-Man can do if someone is in danger other than try to help them.

On the Art work side of things, I quite like Joe Madureira's work, although sometimes the eyes are a bit to Manga style for me, but I’m going to ignore that small detail because he gets the rest of the comic spot on :)

Again if anyone has any questions feel free to ask. TTFN, LL'n'P



  1. Hello George, It's me! the ever so Mysterious Pepsi! One day my true identity will be revealed and you shall be amazed at who I really am, however as a super villain it would be foolish for me to reveal myself so early on in my plot to take over the world.

    Anyhooo nice blog again. It's pretty typical of Marvel to have spiderman removing a guys trousers, I'm currently reading the Marvel Zombies line and Spiderman isn't doing to well, he's got one leg left and has just eaten M.J and Aunt May.

    A little tip would maybe be to hide the ending of the comic in spoilertags so it isn't runied for people who may want to read the issue also.

    Where do you purchase your comics from?

    The Mysterious Pepsi.

  2. Marvel zombies is something I've been looking to try and read for a while but now I think it's gone to the top of my list XD.

    i totally agree with you on the spoiler front, so next review I'll try to keep them to a minimum, or put a spoiler alert in there.

    i get most of my comics from a local WHSmith, they stock 7 Marvel Collectors edition and I collect Essential X-Men, the Astonishing Spider-Man and Marvel Legends