Tuesday, 1 January 2013

#3 New Years Resolution

Hello and a Happy New Years to all!!

As previously mentioned I have recently joined a writers club and as part of our last meeting we all decided on a New Years Resolution. The first part of all of our New Years Resolutions were to post on our respective Blogs, hence the creation of this blog.

With the creation of this blog, there came a whole other avenue for my New Years Resolution to follow, so as of now I promise to post at least 1 Blog a week for the next year. This will usually be a Thursday as that is when I receive my new comics, and I will mostly be going on about how great or bad they are, what I loved about them and everything like that.

Now for the main part of my New Years Resolution. My Comic. I have recently started writing a comic, as part of my Extended project. This will be my New Years Resolution: to complete my comic book. Don't worry I will keep you all up to date on my progress, but the first half should be done by the end of February half term, so keep your eyes open :).

So thanks for listening, TTFN, and LL'n'P


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