Friday, 25 January 2013

#15 Fear Itself: Spider-Man

Fear Itself is a company wide cross-over. I've already explained about its origins in Essential X-Men #39, so if you want the full story go there :P

This arc of the Fear Itself focuses on Spider-Man and how he deals with the impending crisis.

The story starts with, in my opinion, a brilliant opening. 3 panels, each showing a different person Spider-Man would encounter over the next 3 days: Robert Christansen, C.F.O of Roxxon Oil; Karen Anderson, 8 and a half months pregnant and John Russel, Homeowner. All three have a reason to be afraid and only one person can help them. Spider-Man.

Spider-Man goes through hell for these people. Whether it's face planting a wall to stop someone falling, smashing through stained glass windows, or facing Angir (the recently transformed Ben Grimm) breaker of souls.


In his final confrontation with Angir, Spider-Man actually dies and is only resuscitated through the work of probably the only sane person in the city, Dr Rafiee. While Spider-Man contributes nothing to the actual stopping of Sin and her Worthy, Spider-Man does save a hospital full of people, along with several others along the way.

Spoiler end

Review time: 

I really loved this story, how the different characters meet and interact, but the best thing about it was how it showed Spider-Man's unmovable will. There he was, smacked so hard by Angir he went into cardiac arrhythmia, yet he still manages to get up afterwards and dissuade Angir from attacking the hospital. And after defeating Angir, with 72 hours of non-stop action Spider-Man, still manages to get up at the end of it and go out and further help people.

There is another reason I love this comic. It published a letter I sent in to them a month ago, which I am really proud of. :)



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