Thursday, 17 January 2013

#12 Sandman: Worlds' End

You know when a book’s foreword is written by Stephen King, who is singing the book’s and the writer’s praises, it is going to be good.

Worlds' end is a collection of short stories, written by Neil Gaiman, and the 8th volume in the Sandman series. The stories are all told by travellers, who are stranded at an Inn called Worlds' end. Travellers such as Brant Tucker, who narrates the intermediate between stories; Jim, a Sailor from 1908; Mister Gaheris, a man who lives in fear of cities; Cluracan, an Elf who was returning home after a diplomatic mission; an Asian man spreading the word of Prez and Petrefax, telling a story of an Air Burial.

I'll admit when I first read Worlds' end, it didn't jump out at me as great. I understand the level of detail and skill that has gone into this book, and I appreciate it. It's just I feel that, because the book switches from story from story, I don't have enough time to really appreciate or get to know the person telling it. The best part of these stories was definitely the writing. Neil Gaiman is well known for a reason. His depth and intricacy was stunning. These worlds, of which I only saw a maximum of 22 pages, I felt were fully developed, especially the world of Necropilis, which Petrefax tells us of. This is a world dealing with burying the dead (hence Stephen King's interest XD). Also there is a certain depth to these stories, of which I find a perfect example in Mistress Veltis telling a story of her withered hand, which is told in a story by a member of the Burial Party, which is told by Petrefax, who is in a story told to us by Neil Gaiman. (I just hope you can follow that, and if you can't read the Novel and you'll see what I mean)

No spoilers this week, because to tell them all would take up of my revision time which I have set aside and ruin the story, and the thrill of finding out for yourself. And to The Mysterious Pepsi, I know this is technically Vertigo, but that’s still DC. TTFN, LL’n’P


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  1. Good Read today, a bit different not so comic based. Still waiting on a nice DC review :P

    My great great granddad The Malicious Malibu Cocktail - MMC for short - Has asked me to say that you should try and get hold of some 'flash' comics,