Thursday, 27 December 2012

Awkward First Blog Post #1


Erm, yeah as it says in the title this is my first blog post and yup it's a bit awkward. I'm not really sure yet exactly what I'm going to put on here, so here goes a list of possibles:

  • Comic Reviews - I collect 4 comics a month, and get graphic novels from my local library / good friends who are willing to lend me them for some time. I've never really reviewed books or games so bear with me on making them right.
  • Little notes about my life - I have a great life and would like to share little bits of it with the world, bits like certain dates with my girlfriend, how school is going, and some of the stuff I get up to when not reading comics.
  • Bits of my own comics - I am in no way a writer but I have recently been persuaded to attempt to write a comic book. I've got the main plot down and I've found a brilliant artist who has given up their time to draw it for me. I shall be posting bits of it up here for the world to see.
  • Game/Film reviews - I rarely get new games or DVDs as most of my money goes on comic books, but I do have quite a stash hidden away, so if I get a writing bug you may see a couple of these up here as well :).
Thanks for reading, keep an eye out for my first actual post in a couple of days which shall be my New years resolution blog where i shall go into more detail about all of this, so TTFN and Live Long and Prosper (LL'n'P), from your friendly neighbourhood



  1. Your first post is way less awkward than any of mine have ever been. Jealous!

  2. look forward to reading future posts x