Sunday, 30 December 2012

#2 Origin Story

Hi, I realize in my last post that while I went into some detail about what I would post on here, I didn't really go into any detail about why I was creating the blog, so here goes.

Like any good story i'm starting at the beginning.

*Start Flashback*

My First Memories of Comic Book characters are Justice League of America, X-Men, and Spider-man animated series which I remember being aired on both Cartoon Network, and Fox kids. These brightly coloured people with extra-ordinary powers, doing their bit to help their world, appealed to the heroic side of me.

I used to love coming up with scenarios where I would be brought into the X-Men, or where I could meet Spider-man and go on these amazing adventures that would take me away from my dreary hometown where nothing exciting happens.

Of course over time various other things filled my tiny little head such as video games, and other TV shows, but when I did get a chance to watch some of these old TV shows that I loved, I would laugh at how bad the animation was, or the wording, and often the costumes these silly people were wearing. But inside all I wanted to do was sit down and re-watch them all.

As I grew older, I was re-introduced to these characters, through the efforts of Sam Raimi, who brought us the Spider-man Trilogy, and Bryan Singer who wrote and directed the first 2 X-Men Movies and Superman Returns. These movies allowed me to re-access all those childhood joys, but without feeling like they were childish as such.

The next couple of years, until very recently actually, I stayed in the grey area of comic fandom. I didn't collect any comics and I was happy to go about with the little knowledge of the comic world and how it functioned. then last Christmas my girlfriend Mash, got me the Marvel Chronicle, a history of Marvel Comics. This re-ignited my passion for comics, it made me want to learn more about them, however it was mid-June when this passion turned into a proper hobby

It was then that I signed up for an Extra-Curricular activity. The Extended Project. This was basically a research task, where you are told to go off an research anything you desire. Tor me this was comic books. I won't go into details about this project now, as I've already spent way to long on this post XD.

*End Flashback*

Skipping forward a few months I decided to attend a Writing club to help improve my prose, and get out of a creative rut I had been in, with relation to my comic. It was in this writers club that I was tasked to create a blog. This is that blog if you haven't figured it out yet :P.

That's about it for my Origin story TTFN, and LL'n'P, from you Friendly neibourhood


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